Darien B. Cooper -Author and Speaker

The Author


Darien B. Cooper is a widow, mother, lecturer and author of several books including the best seller, You Can be the Wife of a Happy Husband, with over a million in print. She graduated from Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee with a degree in Sociology and double minor in Psychology and Mathematics. Her practical teaching on the woman’s role in marriage and complete abandonment to Jesus Christ has changed countless lives both in the USA and abroad.

She and her husband, DeWitt, served as associate staff with Campus Crusade for Christ Lay Ministry in the early 70’s. In the mid 80’s they served as missionaries with Family Consultation Service, a ministry to the poor in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia, for eight years. During that time, DeWitt built some 80 houses and Darien worked with family selection and community building. This was a drastic change in every area of their lives. They were now faith missionaries living in a different culture. DeWitt was operating in his areas of strength – compassion for the needy and construction. He had been "called" and Darien felt drafted! God worked miraculously in both of their lives. By the time they moved, Darien could have lived there for the rest of her life with contentment and a new compassion for the needy. Then God’s assignment changed.

In 1993, they left Atlanta, their home for 35 years, to move to north Georgia. Along with DeWitt’s mother, two of their sons and their families, they moved to the Dalton area where their youngest son was already established. Four generations lived under the same roof for sixteen months until their middle son’s house was built. A year later, their youngest son and his family lived with them for a few months while their house was being built on the original 26 acres. The book, You Can Be the Happy Mom of an Empty Nest, was published in 1999 from lessons learned by living intimately with loved ones and yet releasing them to be what God called them to be.

Several years later, DeWitt’s mother passed away. Their oldest son and his family made their home in the original house with DeWitt and Darien moving into expanded quarters on the lower level.

In addition to these changes, Darien’s only sibling, Jan, along with her husband and their parents moved into their homes that they built on the property. Two of Jan’s married children have also moved to the area. What a blessing to learn to purify their relationships and untangle the fleshly ways that so easily beset us in this intimate setting. It was God’s idea to "circle their wagons" in this way. Darien would have never dreamed that such a thing could happen. His ways are mighty to behold.

They have twelve grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

After 30 miraculous years of being in publication, You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband, has been revised - 2011 edition. Personal examples have been added making it the best of the best. The truths are applicable for both genders.

DeWitt and Darien were married for approximately 60 years. DeWitt's untimely home going happened in 2016. His death ushered in Darien's latest book, The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!" This book is a sequel to You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband telling the Rest of the Story. Darien's desire for this book to turn for good the unresolved problems in their marriage. Specific warning signs that should be taken seriously are given to avoid hardening one's heart thereby keeping one from finishing well.

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The Speaker

Women's conferences and retreats are Darien's speciality. She prefers to work with groups who will commit to studying one or more of her series following an engagement. This provides an opportunity for the truths to be established in those that are hungry. Exceptions are made according to individual situations and requests.

The Host's Responsibility

Darien requires that all expenses of travel and lodging be provided by the host. Her honorarium is left to the leading of the Lord through the host group.