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You Can Be the Happy Mom of an Empty Nest

"Your book, You Can Be the Happy Mom of an Empty Nest, is the best I have found on the spiritual aspect of "growing up" from worshipping our parents to worshipping the Lord and becoming fully adult as Christians."

Robert E. Roy, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Dayton Beach, FL

Testimonies for You Can Be The Wife of a Happy Husband

"A dear friend was kind to loan me your book recently. I marvel at the precious guidance of God's Holy Spirit at impressing me with many of the Biblical principles contained in your book prior to my having read it. The difference in my home is striking and wonderful. God is caring for us in a thousand ways that we know not to care for ourselves. In fact, it's been fun watching for His arm of mercy. Now that I'm being the woman I should be, my husband is growing into the man God would have him to be. Yes, we've come a long way from a close break and lengthy estrangement. Praise God!"

K.S. Ft. Collins, CO

"My husband and I want to express our sincere, heartfelt gratitude for your book. It has ministered to me in every area of my life. As I began to read, I began to cry, as God showed me that I had a "self-righteous" attitude toward my husband. He is not saved and because I am, I thought I was right in different areas of our marriage, not considering his feelings as a man. The more I read, the more excited I got, to tell him about this wonderful book! Most of all, I wanted to ask his forgiveness for my attitude toward him. Tears filled my eyes as I repented before him and God. I felt something happen within my heart. He hugged me real tight and when I looked at him, his countenance was actually glowing, it was a moment I'll never forget! He said, "If I had that woman's address, I'd "THANK HER" because you would have taken it wrong coming from me." He was right, because I am very sensitive to what he tells me, it goes straight to my heart. But overall, I love correction and reproof. My husband and I have been married 14 years and our marriage has not been an easy one. There have been a lot of heartaches and disappointments. We have put those hurts behind us. He is the head of his household, and I know God has a plan greater than I can imagine. The storms have blown hard against my marriage, but God was my anchor and He sustained me. We have a testimony and your book is part of it!"

P. & S. N. Morgan City, LA

"Five months ago, I read your book. When I saw it on the bookshelf in the Christian bookstore I chuckled as I read the title. I thought,"Why do I always have to make him happy? Why doesn't he spend time making me happy?" However, this book has changed me and therefore, changed not the situations, but my response to them and my husband. How I wish the principles you discuss had been told to me prior to getting married because I sure would have entered with a different attitude and spirit. I now understand and realize my call to be a "helpmate" and I do so in obedience to God, not on what I am trying to get my husband to do for me. As I am obedient to God, He will see to it that my needs and desires are met. Since I've changed, my husband has changed. We pray daily, we are seeking to understand each other better and more and God is in the midst. I thought it would take a long time to happen but it's been going on since I changed.... These words are inadequate to express the inner joy, peace, and happiness, and revival that is taking place in my marriage."

S.W. Brockton, MA

Testimonies for Wise Woman Honors God Series

"It is a joy for me to write a letter of recommendation for this series. There have been many testimonies shared with me by those who have benefited from this study. I truly believe that one of Satan's objectives is to rob women of the joy and purpose to which God has called them. Those who have participated in the "Wise Woman" series have experienced a liberating of their spirits and personal growth in their relationships...... To those of you who feel led to participate in this series, let me say to you, you are a very special person. May God's blessings be on you abundantly, and may you find in this study the principles for keeping your husband happy, as well as unlocking new joy and fulfillment for yourselves."

Dr. Ron Mitchell,

Pastor of First Baptist Church, Dayton, OH

"When I signed up for this study, I didn't want to spend twelve weeks dissecting Proverbs 31 and learning just how godly the famous women of the Bible were. I wanted real, I wanted to get dirty. By the end of the first session, I began to realize that I might finally discover the answer to the riddle I had carried in my heart for several years--How do you describe every woman's relationship with God? After all, society had done quite a job of befuddling the roles of men and women. Several years of sifting through it all had left me confused and wondering--wondering because I wanted to do what was right in God's eyes, wanting some basic direction for getting where He wanted me to be as a woman and as an individual. And then of course, there was the dreaded "S" word. It seemed to be a riddle without an answer. We, as women, could all have skills, talents and abilities, but how should they align in God's plan? How do they fit in with my relationship with God? I learned the basics I supposedly understood were't so basic to me after all -- who I am in God's creation, why He loves me, what He hopes for in me. My time in this study wasn't always pleasant. I discovered some ugly untruths thrust upon me by satan, and unfortunately, by myself through pride. But I've also learned how to face life's disappointments and yet savor each of the multitude of blessings I'm given. I now realize that God wants me to know Him in everything -- every sound, sight and action. Knowing Him is the greatest pursuit my life can have. I've also learned that husbands should know and live the "S" word and that doing so is an honorable choice for both men and women. Now, God is the keeper of all of my things, my riddles (minus one) included, but most of all, I've learned to let Him be the keeper of my heart."

R. P. Dayton, OH

"When invited to this course, I said, "I have been married forty years. There isn't much more to learn. If we can't get along, now we never will." However, I went to get my daughter and daughter-in-law to go. Before the course was over, I was saying, "Thank you for telling me to stay with my alcoholic husband. I gained, he gained. He accepted you as his Savior at the age of 55. Thank you for pointing out to me how great you are and that we must keep our eyes focused on you. I love you more today than I ever did before. Thank you, Lord."

T. L. Dayton, OH

"I have to work outside the home, but I am finding that when I am willingly and lovingly submissive, my husband is kind, tolerant, loving, ready to listen to my day at work just as I do his. I may not have his slippers waiting for him when he walks in the door, but I'll get them for him when he asks and you know what? He gets me mine when I ask. He'll overlook the dust on the end tables. He takes me out to eat when I'm tired or had to work late. He respects my opinion and welcomes my advice without feeling that his manhood is threatened. He treats me as an equal partner in life -- confident through that he is in leadership and the divine order is in effect."

Dayton, OH


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